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Dress Costume


  • Celebrity Costumes – Hollywood Themed Costume Ideas for Couples

    Celebrity Costumes – Hollywood Themed Costume Ideas for Couples
    Halloween costumes offer fun way to dress differently from the everyday attire. Mimicking celebrities with your costume is something worth trying out in Halloween or other themed occasions. As couples, a great idea to look different from the rest in a Halloween themed party is to go for Hollywood themed celebrity costumes.
    During Halloween or other themed occasions, many couples are seen together in parties. As a couple, you can get the chance to dress up like the famous Hollywood celebrities. You may also choose to dress like fictional characters from movies and televisions.

    #1: Copy Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
    Typically, Angelina wears elegant, long dresses that flaunt her toned arms and tattoos. For the man, your target should be a gruff but clean appearance, which is typical of Brad.
    An ideal way to achieve Brad’s look is to complement a suit with a fedora as well as a goatee. The couple, especially the woman, should consider carrying a couple of dolls to depict Jolie and Brad Pitt’s growing number of children.
    #2: Mimic Beyonce and Jay-Z
    Another Hollywood couple worth mimicking with your couple’s celebrity costumes is Beyonce and Jay-Z. These hip Hollywood pair are very successful and famous. For the lady, some of the clothing items to replicate Beyonce’s look include mini dress, a golden curly blond wig, as well as sky-high stiletto shoes.
    When it comes to Jay-Z, the male spouse should go for clothing items such as a button-up dress shirt, designer jeans, a pair of dark shades, and the latest sneakers.
    #3: Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton
    Daze other couples in a Halloween themed party by stepping out in grand style looking like the hot couple, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton. These Hollywood celebrities are typically known for their lavish and varied styles.
    The duo is not easily predicted in their styles. But, you can spot some of their clothing features and elements – Gwen’s well-known blond locks, as well as standard and stylish shades are unmistakable.
    #4: Barack and Michelle Obama
    It’s not just the famous Hollywood actors and actresses that get heads turning with their outfits. Even the former U.S. President and his adorable wife, Barack and Michelle Obama, are well-known in America for their simple but stylish attires.
    The former first lady, Michelle Obama, is unmistakable with her sleeveless long gowns complemented with high heels. Barack on his own part is often adorned with tailored suits complemented with sophisticated dress shoes. A couple can look stunning in their Halloween themed party by copying the former president and his beautiful wife.
    Other well-known Hollywood couples costumes you can copy with your couple’s celebrity costumes include Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. Get inspiration by watching the movies and programs they featured in.

  • 4 Top 20s Costumes Features and Elements that Should Inspire Your 20s Fashion

    4 Top 20s Costumes Features and Elements that Should Inspire Your 20s Fashion
    Decade fashions are fast returning into today's fashion arena. Today, it is not uncommon to see men and women,  boys and girls, old and young replicating 20s costumes and other decades' costumes with their Halloween dresses,  themed party costumes,  and even regular wears.
    So, in order to come up with the best possible 1920s fashion, you need to familiarize yourself with the common fashion features and elements of this era's fashion. Read on to to learn about these features and elements.
    #1: No More Corsets
    Because of the quest for gender rights, women in the 20s showed a drastic change in their attitudes towards fashion. They started dressing loosely. They also ditched their corsets for camisoles and simpler inner wears. It was also during this era that women began to wear pants/trousers in their quest for equal gender rights. The blouses and tops worn by women in this era became slimmer and shorter to highlight their feminine features as opposed by the society.
    #2: Certain Fabrics were More Popular
    Also,  in order to typically dress like people in the 20s,  you need to know the prevailing fabrics,  especially among the female folks. Often, chiffon,  taffeta,  silk and a couple of other fabrics were easily seen on women,  even with their casual and particularly evening wears. Also, women in this era largely sought after clothes without buckles and buttons for increased ease and convenience. So, try to integrate these materials and styles into your 20s dresses and fashion.
    #3: Loose-fitting Clothing
    Men and women in the era under review were also seen with Loose-fitting clothing such as baggy pants and shorts,  as well as dress-shirts. The waistlines were also dropped and loose.  Again, lean, long flat-chested silhouette was the order of the day. You can add a modern touch to your 20s loose fitting clothing. It's also important to point out that flowery patterns and designs were also embraced by 1920s women in their clothing.
    #4: Loud Accessories and Makeup
    Loud accessories such as long chains and colorful bands and scarves were popularly seen back in the 20s. Also, women wore heavy and obvious makeups in the attempt to showcase their freedom from what the society considers modest and norm for women. Young men in particular also wore long chains and other loud accessories. Hats were equally essential features of the 20s Fashion for both men and women. Therefore,  your 20's costumes and fashion won't be complete without a sort of loud accessories.
    Finally, slicked-back short hair was a popular hairdo that complemented the 20s costumes and attires beautifully.

  • 70s Costumes: Top 5 Features to Highlight in Your 70s Fashion

    70s Costumes: Top 5 Features to Highlight in Your 70s Fashion
    High heeled boots and white polyester suits were not the only trendy clothing items in the 70s. There were other diverse clothing options along with those fashion items. Whatever 70s clothing items or accessories you choose, you can still make a fun and interesting fashion statement with your 70s costumes.
    Tons of 70s fashion items will make a great Halloween or themed party attire. However, you should know the right features to integrate in the clothing items for a perfect seventies look.
    #1: Tightness
    A good way to kick off your 70s fashion statement is to go for tight apparels. While this era was largely characterized by disco, bogus hair and color, hippies were also largely seen with tight clothes. Whether it is a t-shirt, mini-dress or top, the cloth should cling tightly to your body. This includes your jeans and bellbottoms.
    #2: Disco
    As mentioned earlier, disco rings bell when you mention 70s, which was largely due to the ridiculous and excessive appearance. If you want to achieve a 70s disco look with your 70’s costumes, search online costume stores or your local thrift stores for large-heels shoes.
    Your platform shoes would go better with brightly colored and high-waist pants made from polyester fabrics. Seeking to get the most attention and achieve a classic look with your 70’s fashion statement? Go for a unbuttoned down silk shirt that features silkscreened pictures or landscapes.  The shirt should drape to your stomach, with tons of flashy gold chains or medallion worn around your neck.
    #3: Casual
    Mimic the 70s casual look with your 70’s costumes. How?  Look for a collared white and blue rugby striped shirt. Pair it off with white painter pants or Levi’s jeans. This will surely provide you with a realistic 70s casual look. Adorn your feet with sneakers and wear a feathered hair to complete the look.
    #4: Flashy Jewelry
    Flashy jewelries were essential features of the era’s fashion. Your 70s fashion should therefore highlight flashy jewelry pieces. Great choices include pieces that feature turquoise – medallions, brooches, and big rings.
    Also, you won’t go wrong with one or two mood rings. Complete your ensemble with large looks, geometric patterned pieces, or dangling feathered earrings.
    #5: Early 70s Features
    During the early segments of the 70 decade, fashion changed drastically. During this segment, bright-colored pantsuits became the staple for women, while men embraced more of black horn rimmed glasses, large medallions and turtlenecks.
    So, when planning a 70’s look for Halloween, themed party or just to make interesting and fun fashion expression, be sure to integrate these 70’s costumes features and elements. Creativity is the key to adding a modern and unique touch to the entire look.

  • 4 Top 60s Costumes Ideas to Dress like a 60s Hippie Girl

    4 Top 60s Costumes Ideas to Dress like a 60s Hippie Girl


    In the 1960s, the hippie movement inspired women’s fashion. This was the movement that advocated love and peace. This movement was also surrounded by a widespread music scene alongside events such as the Woodstock. The attitude that confirmed this movement and everyone who embraced it in the sixties was that of questioning authority, and non-conformism attitude. All these are sources of inspiration to come up with great 60's costumes and clothes.

    You would probably want to experiment the hippie look for a themed party or just for the fun of it. Whichever way, you can get inspiration and generate great ideas on how to achieve the quintessential sixties hippie girl look. It only takes the right accessories and clothes.

    Idea #1: Go For Tie-Dye or Flowing Tops

    One of the ways you can look 60s hippie is to go for tie-dye tank tops and shirts, including turtlenecks. Also, wearing shirts with full sleeves that at the same time drapes the entire body in an extra comfy and loose-fitting manner will also give you the hippie girl look you seek to achieve - e.g. caftans and tunics.

    Idea #2: Use Active wear or Underwear as a Regular Top

    If you do not fancy tie-dye or free flowing tops, you can go for undershirt, leotard, or other apparels that are supposed to be active or under wear and use them as a regular top instead. You will definitely bring back the memories of the 60s hippie dressing with any of these cute 60s attires.

    Idea #3: Go for Certain Colors

    Certain colors depict the 60s hippie girl more than others. These colors include tan, green, brown and other earth tones. White tops are also in the list of colors that were the in-thing during the sixties and would definitely complement 60s costumes and fashion beautifully.

    Idea #4: Wear Mini or Long Flowing Apparels

    Mini apparels – mini skirts and dresses also depict the sixties hippie girl in a typical manner. This is also true about long skirts and dresses, including jumpsuits. If you’re going for a miniskirt, choose the one that features A-line or shift cut in order to achieve a typical 60s look.

    Alternatively, you can wear flowing, longer skirt sewn with light fabrics such as cotton. This is also applicable to your choice of dresses – they should be flowing and light, featuring floral designs or earth tones.

    Here are additional tips for wearing mini apparels to depict a 60s hippie look;

    • If you decide to wear a miniskirt instead, consider wearing patterned, colored or black tights under
    • Experiment with skirts and dresses with floral, animal, or paisley print patterns
    • Flowing floor-length maxi dresses also became one of the staples among the female folks in the 60s, including shorter caftan dresses that come in full sleeves.

    Indeed, you cannot look anything less of 60s hippie girl by opting for any of the above 60s costumes and dresses.


  • 3 Top 90s Costumes Tips and Tricks for the Best Possible Outcome

    3 Top 90s Costumes Tips and Tricks for the Best Possible Outcome
    Bringing back the 90s memories is not an uphill task, but it sure requires good thinking for you to have good outcome. In fact, your target should be the best possible outcome. This post will provide you with the essential tips on how to make sure your 90s costumes stand out from the pack.
    Tip #1: Draw Inspiration from the 90s Musical Icons and Celebrities
    The pop star icons and celebs largely influenced the fashion trend in the 1990s. Therefore, one of the best ways to draw inspiration on how to dress like people in the 1990s is to fall back on what these iconic stars wore for their red carpet shows, debuts and even their daily fashion.
    For the female folks, the likes of Britney Spear, B*Witched, Oops, The A*Teens, and The Steps are good examples to copy in order to look really 90s, in terms of clothes, shoes and hairstyles.
    Tip #2: Go for the Most Popular 90s Costumes
    Also, looking perfectly 90s can be best achieved by settling for the most popular 90s fashion trends. In this case, Grunge Fashion will definitely appear in the ‘top 10’ list. So, what’s grunge dressing all about? It simply requires three major clothing items: Denim, Band Tees, and Leather Jackets.
    Generally, looking ‘grungy’ to mimic a popular 90s costume would be achieved with the following tips;
    ·    Your choice of jeans should be ripped jeans as well as acid-washed jeans
    ·    Go for loose-fitted clothes and dresses instead of the tightly fitted ones
    ·    Make some jagged cuts or rough holes on your bottom clothes – jeans, shorts, pants or baggy pants
    ·    Going faux provides you with a more perfect 90s look compared to genuine leather
    ·    Put on band t-shirts, especially the popular bands. In this case, it will be appropriate to mention bands like Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, and The Nine Inch Nails
    ·    In addition, dressing grunge with your 90's costumes requires messy hair instead of the well-dressed and highly accessorized hair. The essence of wearing messy hair is to get a greasy appearance, typical of a grunge look.
    Tip #3: It’s All About Color
    The 90s were also characterized by bright and multi-colors. So, when choosing your clothing times for Halloween, themed party or other occasions, you should experiment with bright and multi-colors. This works well for young and old, boys and girls, men and women.
    Finally, lots of plaid apparels filled the fashion arena in the 1990s – plaid dresses, plaid button-up shirts, plaid skirts and plaid-design footwear. Therefore, you can perfectly bring back the memories of the 90s by going plaids with your 90s costumes and clothing items.


    There are so many options to choose from while in search the best Halloween costume, people become so confused of which Halloween costume is the best. But before jumping to conclusion it would be needful to have second look at some Halloween costume design which in long run you might love or it might just open up your mind to what you actually want.  This article is about Halloween costumes for men. We would looking at various types of costumes plus their pictures and as an individual you can now decide which one suits you more.
    This Halloween costume is called the 80s and 90s RAP STAR COSTUME. This look was famous among the rappers in the 1980s and 1990s. This is a very edgy look and people would relate very fast to it. The annoying thing about wearing a lame Halloween costume is that you tend to explain your costume to people, but once you wear a costume that people tend to relate easily with then you no problem at all and your time and energy would not have been wasted. This look here is something people can easily relate with, without talking too much about it.

    This next costume is called THE BIG FRANK COSTUME. People are very popular with the famous story of FRANKENSTEIN. This is a fictional character that came to life as a result of various scientific experiments. This costume is actually based on the character in the book. Over the years a lot movies have been produced based on this character. Wearing a costume like this already makes a statement.

    This costume is a 90s ANARCHIST ROCKER COSTUME. This reflects the 90s rock star look. This costume is stylish and bold, very fitting and would really standout.

    This next Halloween costume idea is from a character in a Hollywood romantic comedy THE LOVE GURU. This is an interesting look, very traditional and stylish. People would relate to this costume well. It is highly recommendable.

    This Halloween costume is based on a famous American musician in the 1950s ELVIS PRESLEY. This look is one of his signature design he wore during concerts. Elvis Presley costumes is one of the most used during Halloween. This is really an interesting and edgy look and it is highly recommendable.

    Recently,  superhero costumes are the most worn costumes during Halloween. This costume here is one of the MARVEL COMICS SUPERHEROS (THE INCREDIBLE HULK). This would really make a cool Halloween costume.

     Incredible Hulk Costume The Incredible Hulk Costume

    Who doesn’t love for in love with a sexy pirate? This is a ROGUE PIRATE COSTUME. This Halloween costume is very stylish and edgy. Anyone can actually pull this look off. This Halloween costume is one of my favorites, and it is highly recommendable too.

    These are just few Halloween costume ideas you can easily put together to make an awesome Halloween costume. It is also very important to note that this list is inexhaustible, there more ideas out there that you can try out.

  • Best Halloween Costumes

    Best Halloween Costumes: Funny Costume Ideas

    The best Halloween costumes on the funny side, there are tons of concepts to draw your inspiration from. You can look different this Halloween by gravitating away from the usual scary concept, to a funny Halloween costume concept.

    When it comes to possibilities of unique costume concepts, you can only be limited by your own imagination. There are numerous choices to explore, whether you want to embark on a home-made option or buy from your local costume store. One of the tricks for making people laugh in your Halloween costume is to integrate a touch of uniqueness and customization to the concept.

    Here are some funny Hybrid Costume Concept

    Think of a costume idea that combines conventional costumes. The outcome would definitely be exceptional plus funny Halloween outfit. You just need to be creative with your imagination.

    Here’s an idea; consider mimicking a devil attending a party in an angel dress. The features you need to add to this concept include the following;

    ·        Angel wings

    ·        A tail

    ·        A halo

    ·        Horns like the devil’s

    ·        Red makeups or mask

    You can create some of these accessories on your own or buy from your local costume store. Another hybrid concept you may consider for funny best Halloween costumes is the gorilla outfit. The best suited scene for a full gorilla costume is the beauty queen appearance. You should also consider the concept for a cheerleader character. Depending on the amount of creativity put into it, I bet you will make people crack their ribs in laughter.

    Gender Swap Costume Concept

    Gender switch costume concept is definitely not new, but it does make people crack their ribs in laughter. However, you can create a unique concept of gender switch by adding some uncommon features. This Halloween, consider dressing like a particular man if you are a woman, and vice-versa. This will look more hilarious than the regular gender swap Halloween concept.

    Make people laugh this Halloween by drawing inspiration from these funny best Halloween costumes.

  • 80s Costumes Ideas for Adults

    80s Costumes Ideas for Adults

    If you are thinking of a different look this Halloween, the 80s costumes will surely make you stand out from the crowd. Make up your mind to make a shift from the norm this Halloween by going down the memory lane of the 80s with your Halloween outfit

    Here are top 5 80s costume concepts you can recreate this Halloween;

    Aerobics Instructor Concept

    You can dress like an aerobics instructor this Halloween with your 80s outfit.

    How does it work? First, assemble the required items;

    ·        Leg warmers

    ·        Leotard

    ·        Oversized t-shirt or sweat shirt

    ·        Neon spandex pant

    ·        Black permanent marker

    ·        Sweatband

    ·        Walkman

    After combining these items to create 80s clothing for the Halloween, consider adding more features that will highlight the "Flashdance" appearance. How? It's simple; rip the collar off the sweatshirt or t-shirt. Then wear the shirt off one shoulder. You can also use a black permanent marker to include some crazy inscriptions on the front side of the shirt.

    Tips to add a zombie look; paint your face with gray color and splash fake blood on your clothing. Make the blood to drip from the side of your mouth. When you walk around, do it slowly and stretch your arms forward as the wicked witches would do.

    Boxing Concept

    Remember, the whole idea is to achieve a shift from the norm this Halloween by mimicking the 80's costumes concepts.

    For this concept, you will require the following items;

    ·        Long wig - blonde color

    ·        Colorful bandana - red or yellow

    ·        T-shirt

    ·        Knee and elbow pads

    ·        Bike shorts

    ·        Eye liner

    ·        Blonde

    You can choose any renowned boxer of your choice and inscribe the name on a preferably yellow t-shirt. Rip the sleeves off the t-shirt to create more crazy effects. Tie a folded bandana around your forehead. Put on bike shorts, preferably red. Remember to put on knee and elbow pads all in black color.

    Finish up by wearing the blonde wig and applying heavy eyeliner.

  • Halloween Costume Ideas

    Halloween Costume Ideas

    #1: The Costume Puzzle

    If you are an adult seeking to make an impression with your Halloween costume, the costume ‘puzzle’ concept will catch your fancy.  It is one of the favorite Halloween costume ideas for adults. However, bear in mind that this Halloween costume concept is best suited for a work environment.

    Things you will need

    ·        Cereal box

    ·        String or fabric

    ·        Dried glue or rivulets

    ·        Plastic knife

    This is how it works; cut all of the back and front panels out from the cereal box. Just like a sandwich board, wear the cut-out panels over your head using fabric or string to attach them. Glue some bits of cereal to the front of the box (this will produce a milk-like appearance). Don’t forget to plunge a plastic knife into the front, just to achieve a “cereal killer” appearance! There are tons of other varieties of costume puzzles to experiment with.

    #3: Creative Fairy Tale

    Something more extra-ordinary than the regular fairytale Halloween costume would be a great concept. Simply get a Snow White clothing and rip it apart.  Then, get a bedraggled hair bow and wear it round your head, with a cardboard hatchet in your hand. This creative fairytale concept will create an impression of “Snow White going crazy and killing the dwarfs!”

    More Tips

    If you are looking for vast collection of Halloween costume ideas, your local fabric stores’ pattern books have got inexhaustible samples for you. You will also find extensive samples of Halloween costume concepts online.

    Some of the precautions for your Halloween costumes include the following;

    ·        Don’t let your costume obstruct your vision, especially if you have to drive.

    ·        Consider comfort when choosing a Halloween costumes.

    ·        If you are going out for a Halloween party on your costume, remember to take extra clothing to get some relief, especially if your costume creates discomfort.

    Finally, plan ahead with these


  • Finding the Perfect Halloween Costumes

    • Finding the Perfect Halloween Costumes for You

      When it comes to Halloween costumes, among the most favored outfits by women and teens alike is the witch costume. But contrary to what most believe, not all witches are bad and evil and even in Halloween parties, there are also Halloween costumes that are dedicated for good witches available in the market if you know where to look for one. There is a wide variety of Halloween costumes and depending on your choice or who you are going to give it to, you can choose between a wide variety of traditional good witch costumes to a more specific outfit like the Wizard of Oz Glinda costumes that is available both for adults and kids.

      For a more traditional Halloween costume, there are several options to choose from that are perfect especially for adults who want to become witches in a Halloween party. Basic witch costume may include a full length light pink dress with silver sparkle designs, silver trimmings, and sheer sleeves. Most of the basic witch costumes are also provided with witch hat accessories in order to complete the look of a bewitching creature that is out to cure than curse on a Halloween night. These Halloween costumes are also available in different sizes from extra small to large so there will be no reason why you will not be able to find a good witch costume that is a perfect fit for your size as if you had it tailored made exclusively for you.

      if you want to be like something you saw on TV, there are also available Wizard of Oz inspired witch costumes. The famous witch Glinda from the series “The Wizard of Oz” is one good witch that you can dress as on Halloween. The silvery pink long dress is complete with a crown and it is also perfect attention grabbing outfit and if you will bring your daughter with you, you can have her dress up in a Glinda like child version of the good witch costume. The nice flow of the material makes the dress float like magic and it is indeed an added allure to the exquisiteness of the long dress making everything perfect for your Halloween costumes.

      If you want to show the world what you got, you can always opt for a sexy themed Wizard of Oz witch costume. The Sexy Glinda costume is complete with light pink satin dress with a halter neckline and a sheer peplum. The crown makes the look more complete adding an extra magic touch on the whole ensemble. If you would be attending a Halloween party as a group, it would be better if they would also dress up as one of the major characters from the Wizard of Oz and as a good and sexy witch, you can lead them to the party with your wand as an added magical touch.

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